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Step into the vibrant world of Florida Ma’am, an innovative apparel line that seamlessly blends old-school cartoon illustrations with a sassy “pinup vibe,” all infused with the unmistakable charm of the Floridian lifestyle. In a recent interview, the creative force behind Florida Ma’am provided a fascinating glimpse into the inspiration and design philosophy driving this unique fusion. Picture playful characters and cheeky designs that pay homage to classic pinups, all set against the backdrop of the sun-soaked, laid-back ambiance of Florida living. From beachy vibes to retro aesthetics, Florida Ma’am captures the essence of a lifestyle through wearable art, inviting fashion enthusiasts to embrace a style that’s as bold and spirited as the Sunshine State itself. Dive into the world where nostalgia meets contemporary flair, as Florida Ma’am takes you on a visual journey that is both whimsical and undeniably Floridian.

Charlotte, Can you please explain what Florida Ma’am is and what it aims to achieve?

Florida Ma’am is an apparel line that is a mash-up between old school cartoon illustrations that have a “pinup vibe” integrated with the Floridian lifestyle.

How did the idea for Florida Ma’am come about?

It was curated during COVID-19 when we all had time to just sit and think haha. During that time I would take daily walks in nature literally spending hours outside by myself and it honestly just came to me! I wanted to create something that took my past experiences of being a Pinup hair and makeup stylist and make something more personal to my unique background and how/where I grew up.

What kind of events does Florida Ma’am organize?

For the past two years, we have had our own festival put on by Ancient City Entertainment located in downtown Saint Augustine. Last year we had Saint Augustine’s first recorded pinup event! This upcoming year we are holding the pinup contest at the first annual Florida Man Games! We also vend and participate at car shows and rockabilly weekenders as well as local curated markets and events.

Are there any upcoming events or projects that you can share with us?

As stated previously our upcoming “That Damn Florida Ma’am” Pinup Contest will be taking place Feb 24th at the Florida Man Games. We are also currently in the works of creating a “Florida Ma’am beer” as well as filming for some TV opportunities.

How can people get involved with Florida Ma’am?

Join our email list at and follow us on Instgram and Tiktok or email us at [email protected]

What impact has Florida Ma’am had on the community so far?

It’s been wonderful to host a local festival in historic downtown Saint Augustine for the past two years as it strengthened our roots in the community. Everyone has been so supportive and we have had 2 local shops that have carried our brand. We are currently in Spinster’s Abbot on San Marco and plan to grow and join more businesses!

Can you tell us about any success stories or memorable moments from previous events?

The best memories honestly are from the pinup contest last April, our first ever, it was incredible to meet the ladies that came out and participated and dressed in line with our Florida-themed contest. We saw alligators on leashes (blow-up ones, not real ones….yet haha) Beer can hair rollers and oranges studded out on gals’ outfits! So freaking awesome!

What challenges have you faced while running Florida Ma’am, and how have you overcome them?

The challenge with every small business is just finding the resources whether it be money or time to make your dreams come true. It takes so much effort, energy, and love to create a brand that aligns with others as well. I say Florida Ma’am is truly a part of who I am so with everything I do it comes with a piece of my heart, down to the designs or the events we put on. Luckily I have a strong support system that always encourages me to keep growing little by little having faith that one day I’ll be where I only once imagined!

Are there any specific goals or milestones that Florida Ma’am is working towards?

Yes! We will eventually have a brick and mortar but until then we are growing online and through social media. We have several ideas and different venues we want to expand the brand in, all the way from children’s books to in-person Florida-based survival workshops! We want the brand to be a lifestyle so we have many different outlets we plan to open up to. We also are in the process of getting our artist Ruttu to the US on a work visa so she can create for us full-time, she currently resides in Columbia.

How can people stay updated on the latest news and events from Florida Ma’am?

Our website and social media outlets.

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