Interview: The Hated 3

The Hated 3, a rockabilly band from Jacksonville, Florida is quickly rising in popularity due to their captivating practices and engaging personalities. Led by Kyle, Brian, Cliff, and Sulo – this foursome puts on an unforgettable show every Tuesday night at the Bay Street Bar & Grill. Not only do they have great music but also an inspiring conversation that will leave you entertained for hours! So if you’re looking for some live entertainment in Jacksonville don’t forget to check out the Hated 3!

Kyle and Brian have been playing together as a three-piece rockabilly band on and off for five years. With their traditional sound, Kyle provided the rhythm while Brian handled lead guitar, and an upright bass player held down the beat. Their band name was created because they were all hated by someone and just felt it fit. They had our detractors from day one – but things changed when we added a drummer to become a four-piece outfit. It gave them an extra edge in terms of creative flair – people would question why there were now four of us your name doesn’t make any sense, and the band would simply reply “pick three you’d wanna hate!”

The Hated 3 are in the process of writing their own songs, but for now, they mainly perform covers. Their sound is very much rooted in rockabilly – a genre which remains largely underground today. Of course, they do pay homage to classic artists like Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran, playing iconic numbers like “Summertime Blues” or “Blue Suede Shoes” that most people know by heart. But overall they focus on performing covers while they refine their original material.

An interesting fact about Kyle is that it was Brian who taught him to play the guitar. His grandmother, Blanche Taylor from Philadelphia (his hometown) was also a backing singer for Fats Domino and Bobby Rydell.

Brian’s all-time favorite moment was playing at Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa, which hosted an annual Rockabilly event, and his band performed there each year. He was much younger back then and would get so into the music that his hair, slicked up into a pompadour style, would fall over his face. When he finished playing and looked down, he saw that some of the “greaser” guys had been kind enough to pass him combs during the set!

Cliff has been with the band for three years, playing bass guitar. He already knew Brian previously which is how he joined the group. With twenty years of experience on the instrument, he’s a valuable member of the team. A fun fact about Cliff is that he’s always willing to make a joke or comment that others may be too shy to say – and if there was an instrument he could randomly pick up and play it would be the cello! His knowledge of music theory and reading sheet music comes from his school days, though he never stopped learning after that point either.

The fourth and most interesting member of the band is Sulo, who has been playing with them for a couple of years now on drums. It’s quite impressive that he has been playing music for around fifty years and can play an impressive range of songs! Originally from Finland, Sulo had a natural love for the Rockabilly culture since his teenage days. An interesting fun fact is that he used to sport a pompadour haircut back in his younger days, as well as riding around town on a beautiful red chopper today!

If you ever have the chance, I recommend heading down to Bay Street Bar and Grill every Tuesday to watch The Hated 3 perform! You’ll get a great show, plus maybe even the opportunity to chat with them and get to know them better. They’re an awesome bunch of guys and I’m proud to call them my friends.

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